THE PROJECT is an extraordinary musical endeavor born out of love - love for the Church, love for music and, perhaps most importantly, love for friends.

With the release of the critically-acclaimed, groundbreaking debut album MARTYRS' PRAYERS (Saints & Survivors, 2013), THE PROJECT drew together luminaries of the music world including Phil Keaggy, Jennifer Knapp, Randy Stonehill, Glenn Kaiser, and others to collaborate in order to honor those who, through the centuries, gave their very lives for their faith, their freedom, their communities and their friends. The music video for the album's lead single ROMERO (based on the life and prayers of Msgr. Oscar Romero) has been viewed over 100,000 times across various platforms, and the album received rave reviews from over 130 press & media outlets for it's incredible thematic and musical depth. MARTYRS' PRAYERS is available on all digital music services now, and on deluxe edition CD HERE.

Further, with the 2015 release of MYSTIC CHAPEL, once again THE PROJECT has created a musical journey that is drawing unanimous praise from fans and critics alike. MYSTIC CHAPEL is available now on iTunes and on CD HERE.

Michael Glen Bell
Duane W.H. Arnold